Luxury Modern Copper Stemless Wine Glasses

Luxury Modern Copper Stemless Wine Glasses

Wine glasses commonly have stem on them each. Well, the presence of a stem is likely a common knowledge for a kind of tableware namely the wine glass. Interestingly, it seems that MyGift seems to give you a different perspective on wine glasses. It is by offering luxury modern copper stemless wine glasses. In a set, you can get 4 items.

The glass looks unique and beautiful for the double colors presented. There is the transparent crystal clear glass on the upper part. Then, the rose-gold copper color is on the lower part. Both are separated by a diagonal line that forms ellipse if you see it above. Each glass is necessary for some pours of wine just like the conventional wine glasses. The materials are durable and unbreakable. Well, it is mainly due to the copper plating in rose gold that is not only garnishing the product but also protecting. The materials also keep the quality of the wine while the liquid is in it.

The products are necessary for the party and fine dining. It looks more casual indeed compared to the conventional wine glasses with stem. But if you want a different vibe in your party, the products are highly recommended. The design is also really unique and beautiful. Meanwhile, for the unbreakable materials, it is not bad for casual proms conducted by teenagers.

So, have I bought the products? Yes, I have and I’ve been really satisfied with it. The more interesting thing based on my opinion is the double colors applied. The rose gold idea is also cute and stunning. There is also no stem to grab the glass more comfortably. Maybe, the cons are about the price. For a set consisting of only 4 items, they are quite expensive each.

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