Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack Review

Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack Review

What is Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack?

Buruis has a nice collection of wine rack you can find on the market. One of them is the Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack. From the design and its features as well as quality, we can say that this is one of the top products on the market for this category. But, what makes us choose it as one of the best wine rack products? Here are the answers.

Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack is the uniquely designed wine rack from Buruis. Just from its name, you must understand what makes it unique, don’t you? Yes, it uses the shape of a honeycomb. The hexagon shape, the trademark of honeycomb, is cleverly applied in this product. This shape becomes the place where you can keep your wine bottle. And, because of this shape, your wine bottle won’t be easier to fall or move around. This is the perfect shape for your table or kitchen.

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The Design

This product is designed to be able to hold the wine bottle safely. There are also rooms for up to 7 standard wine bottles. This is enough to keep your favorite wine within the reach. Of course, if you want to keep more than 7 bottles, you may have to use a special room in your house. But, this Honeycomb Wine Rack is perfect for the room where you enjoy the wine, such as a living room or kitchen.

The Free Standing Display

The design also allows you to use it as Free Standing Wine Rack. You can display your best collection of wine to your guest with it. The best of all, you can use it in two ways. Firstly, place it horizontally against the table or any surface where you want to put this wine rack. Then, you put the wine bottle lie down inside the comb.

The other method is using it vertically, which make it become literally a Free Standing Wine Rack. If you use it this way, your wine bottle will look more elegant. Moreover, you also can take the bottle easier by holding its neck and pull it off from the top part. This design is suitable for any surface, as long the surface is flat and even.

The Materials

This Free Standing Wine Rack is made of stainless electroplate metal. This material isn’t only very strong. It won’t bend easily, even if it falls down from your table. However, it is also very durable. This material can last for many years. Even after a century, it won’t change too much, especially if you treat it carefully.
This special material also makes this Metal Wine Rack become much lightweight. It is only 1.65 lbs. With this weight, you can easily carry and move it around. Moreover, if you plan to go vacation or having an outdoor activity, you also can carry this wine rack. That way you can enjoy the wine with style.

The best of all, this Metal Wine Rack is handcrafted. You won’t find any similar design or shape for every product in this series. That will only increase its artistic value. That means, buying this product will also give you more benefits because it will become much more valuable over time.

The Color

The only available color for this Metal Wine Rack is gold. It’s a little disappointing, though. It is true that the gold color will give it some elegant beauty appearance. However, people have a different preference. So, if you don’t like gold, this wine rack isn’t the right choice for you.

It would be better if Buruis also provide other colors than just a Gold Wine Rack like this. For example, it will be really cool, if they also make the black version of this product. Or it will be even amazing, if there are other brighter colors, such as white, red and even green. That will give you many options for the appearance you want to get from this Honeycomb Wine Rack.

Product Dimension

As we said before, this Honeycomb Wine Rack is easy to move. The weight isn’t only the reason. It also has a compact size, which is 14.5 inches x 7.6 inches x 7.6 inches. This compact size also allows you to save more space in your kitchen or any room where you want to put it.

Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful and unique honeycomb design,
  • Handcrafted,
  • Made of stainless electroplate metal that can last longer,
  • Save many spaces in your room.


  • Only available in Gold color.
  • Expensive.

Consumer Ratings

Mostly, the people that buy and use Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack feels really satisfied with this product. Many of them love its design, plus they also said it looks great in their room. So, we can say that this product got a lot of positive response.

However, it doesn’t mean that this Gold Wine Rack doesn’t get any negative response. There are just a few numbers of people that don’t satisfy with this product. Mostly, they are not satisfied with its color, as well as the product a little bit of damage when they receive it. So, we can say that mostly it’s the problem on the shipping process, not the product itself.

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According to the market price for a Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack, we can say it’s quite expensive. On the other hand, it definitely has the artistic value, because it is handcrafted. Moreover, it also uses special material with very high durability. But, if we look at the volume, the size as well as the functionalities, the price is quite high from our perspective.

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Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack is definitely one of the most unique and best wine racks on the market. Although the price is quite expensive, if you don’t mind and you just want to have a unique wine rack, this product is a good choice for you. Or, you also can see that expensive price as the investment. It is very durable, so you don’t need to change this Gold Wine Rack too often.

Golden Free Standing Metal Honeycomb Wine Rack Review

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