Cabernet Merlot Crystal Wine Glasses

Cabernet Merlot Crystal Wine Glasses

Wine glass, well, if you think about this product, there must be a kind of elegant and prestigious glasses on your mind. The stem also becomes the main characteristic of it. Nowadays, there are some many wine glasses available in the store with various designs. But if you still prefer the classical one, you should buy this one; Cabernet Merlot Crystal Wine Glass.

Since the design is so conventional, it seems that there is no special thing in this product. But if you have and experience the glasses, the product from Riedel is definitely special. The materials are premium and it is layered by the fine crystal. This way, the glasses tend to be more durable and unbreakable while it keeps clean and sparkling. They can be washed safely using water after the usage. Riedel gives a great promotion for the product in which you can pay only 6 for 8 items bought.

This crystal wine glass set is suitable for certain occasions including parties and fine dining. Particularly if you want to keep senses of classical and elegant at the party, this is also the best choice. The height is starting from 7 inches and the capacity is 21 oz. Moreover, it is sparkling much clearly compared to other similar products in its class.

It is a great experience for me to try some wine glass products including Cabernet Merlot Glasses from Riedel. It is not too expensive by remembering the materials of the glass that are mostly from fine crystal. The glasses look so good on the party tables. Moreover, it is if you pour the red wine to it. There is no con in it unless the packaging. The box is not too big for 8 glasses crowded in it. Fortunately, there is no scratch and damage.

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