Burgundy Red Wine Tritan Crystal Glass

Burgundy Red Wine Tritan Crystal Glass

There are so many wine glass products out there with conventional designs. Maybe, you just want to buy some items that are unique and different from others. Well, the glasses can just be for collections or you can use it for occasions you held. One of the recommendations is Burgundy Red Wine Tritan Crystal Glass. It is so called unique for the corner on the glass’ body. The products are released by Schott Zwiesel along with some other series including Bordeaux, Cabernet, Champagne Flute, and more.

For each package, you can get 6 pure collections of the stemware for some types of beverages including the red and white wine. The height is 9.2 inches and it is manufactured with patented Tritan titanium technology that makes it more break-resistant. Besides, the product is durable even if it is poured by the hot liquid. The design is stunning with its crisp lines and it is safe completely during the dishwashing activities.

Burgundy Red Wine Tritan Crystal series is suitable for party, prom, fine dining, or just lunch with the family. It still looks classic and elegant but also a little bit casual. So, it is just necessary for you who prefer non-conventional wine glass stemware. The premium materials from fine crystal make it look clear and also sparkling on the table. More than that, they are so easy to handle and clean.

The products from Schott Zwiesel are some of my collections. It is indeed not disappointed at all to have them. The most interesting part is, of course, the crisp lines. Besides, it is proven that the glasses are unbreakable and strong. Well, one of the items has been hit on the wall when it is washed. Fortunately, there is no scratch at all. Although there is no problem when it is hit, the problem comes when the glass is poured with hot water. The crack is seen although it is not really visible.

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